A New New Home


The Asheville Makers have found a new home for the MakerSpace and are in the process of making the space ready for Making. The location is at 207 Cox Ave in Asheville. As of now, we will be having our weekly Tuesday evening meetings at the MakerSpace, so come join us and get to making! For up to date information visit us at AshevilleMakers.org and check out our Google Group and our Facebook page.

Open Maker Meeting Tuesday

Greetings Makers,

This is our weekly meeting for like minded makers. We talk about anything and everything and how to make it. Come with something for show and tell or an idea to share or pickup a new idea for something you want to make.

Every Tuesday evening from 6 to 8 pm at Asheville Brewing, 77 Coxe Avenue in downtown Asheville.

Asheville Brewing has also been doing a $2 Tuesday special on cans of their beer and 1 topping slices if you are in need of some dinner.

Hope to see you there.



Open Maker Meeting April 2

Greetings Makers,

At the suggestion of a couple of people, I’m proposing an ongoing open weekly meeting. For now I will be at Asheville Brewing downtown at 77 Coxe Avenue from around 6 to 8 pm and everyone should feel free to stop by at any time. Tell all your maker friends about this too! There will be no official agenda so bring your project to show off or an idea to talk about, or just listen and get some new ideas.

Asheville Brewing has also been doing a $2 Tuesday special on cans of their beer and 1 topping slices if you are in need of some dinner.

Hope to see you there.



Survey Results March 16

For the last month, we have had a maker survey on the website to gauge individuals interest in participating in activities, learning new skills and in having a dedicated space. Following is a synopsis of these results.

  • In the first month that the survey was active there were 28 respondents.
  • Peoples preferred method of communication was overwhelmingly via email.
  • The top three preferred methods of sharing information were; email, demonstrations and workshops, meetings and networking.
  • Over a third of the respondents had not attended an Asheville Makers event. Another third attended a single event or meeting and the final third attended multiple events or meetings.
  • People wanted to see the Asheville Makers do almost all of the items listed including; touring spaces, organizing single day maker events, obtain a dedicated space, teach classes, organize lectures and obtain specific pieces of equipment. The only entry which didn’t receive a better than majority vote was organizing a Mini Maker Faire event.
  • In the section of what kinds of activities would people like to see in an Asheville Makerspace, there was positive interest for electronics, woodworking, metalworking, 3D printing, laser cutter, open shop space and robotics . There was neutral or negative interest in having general classrooms, textiles, ceramics, computer lab, general classrooms, industrial painting and fine arts studios.
  • Under the skills inventory, there are many makers who have or want to acquire skills in metal, wood, electronics, 3D printing, laser cutting, robotics and computer programming. People were not interested in learning more about textiles, industrial painting, ceramics or fine arts disciplines.
  • In the time and financial support section of the survey respondents said that they would volunteer around 115 hours a month of time resources and about $555 a month of financial resources to a maker organization.

Following the presentation of the results, the attendees of the meeting discussed a variety of topics including; efforts to make more people aware of a makers organization, marketing materials needed, planning for future meetings, participation in local and regional events and project management options for helping organize. A future meeting time and date will be determined and announced on this website and the avlmaker social media channels.

Asheville Makers Meeting March 16

Greetings everyone,

Our survey has been going pretty well, but we can always use more input. There is still time to fill it out if you haven’t yet. And do encourage your friends and family to fill it out as well if they have any interests in Making. Just click the link below.


Based on the results of our poll, our meeting will be Saturday March 16th at 10 am at Mojo Coworking. Many thanks to Craig for lending us a space to meet in.

The agenda for this meeting will be to go over the results of our survey and to discuss what next steps we can take as an organization. This meeting will be limited to about an hour so you can plan to enjoy the rest of your Saturday. There have been many great responses so far and I look forward to sharing the ideas that have been submitted.

I hope that many of you can make it and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.