Asheville Makers Meeting Jan 31

Do You Like To MAKE STUFF!

Do you like to make, create, tinker, invent, re-invent, hack, design, produce, construct, manufacture, fabricate, develop and collaborate? Using wood, metal, plastic, electronics, paper, clay, glass, cloth, paint, yarn, thread, atoms and your brain?

Come join others who like to make stuff too. We are a diverse collection of people who have a broad array of interests and we want to meet people who want to share what they know and learn something new. We will be talking about… How to get involved in our organization. How to teach a class or workshop at our space. How to take a class or workshop at our space. How to collaborate with other people on cool and interesting projects. How to change the world!

What do I need to do now?

Meet up at ASHEVILLE’S MAKERSPACE at 16 Piney Park Road Tuesday, January 31st 6 p.m. (Piney Park Road is in West Asheville, just East of Goodwill and Northern Tool, off Patton Avenue.)

For more information:, 828.251.9051 or

Got some questions? Here’s some answers.

  • Isn’t this also called a Hackerspace? Yes! (Makerspace = Hackerspace)
  • Does that mean we are computer hackers? Not at all.
  • Do we use computers to push the boundries of our imagination? Most definiately!
  • What does hackerspace mean? Hackerspaces means “hacking” in the spirit of working on projects that you find interesting without regard to your level of qualification, expertise, or proficiency in that area.  It means learning by fearless experimentation, and figuring things out by doing. It means jumping in with other folks and starting on a project just because it sounds fun & interesting to do. For a more details to the possibilities, see this Wikipedia article.
  • Where is 16 Piney Park Road?