Visit to Foothills Community Workshop

On December 17th, Bridget, Lyman and Hugh visited the Foothills Community Workshop in Granite Falls, NC just north of Hickory, NC for their open house. They were still moving in but had installed some equipment and had layout lines on the floor for future workspace areas. Future projects to include; computers, robotics, electronics, programming, woodworking, metalworking, model railroads and more. With over 3200 square feet at their disposal they will have plenty of space to work on many projects at once. For more information go to

FCW electronics lab

Work benches and tables ensure that there is plenty of space to work on projects in the Foothills Community Workshop electronics lab.

FCS machine shop

Milling machine, engine lathe and workbench in the Foothills Community Workshop metal working area.

Visit to Hackerspace Charlotte

On December 2nd, Alice and Hugh travelled to Charlotte to attend Hackerspace Charlottes monthly Hacker Friday event. Held on the first Friday of every month, they open the doors to the public and invite people to come in and see what happens at Hackerspace Charlotte. In addition to seeing what is going on, people are also given the chance to participate and do some of the things that are going on. While we were there several people were working on Reprap 3D printers, another group was putting the finishing touches on an air cannon to shoot glow sticks in the the night sky, while yet another group was etching Christmas tree ornaments. For more information about Hackerspace Charlotte, see their website at